Decennium: The Vulture Overtures Revisted


The Real Suffering (Remastered Version)

Eric Vain
Eric Vain


Now I am questioning in my somber shoes
Fought the main attraction and fed to better use
Taste my glass of temptation and drink all if I could
Killed my cry with an arrow like a blind man should
I have no good story, for my lord to need
She has no addition for my heavy read
I have NO found glory, for my soul to seed
It has no real calling, but real suffering
Now to oblige & steer a tired warning
How much can I remember what was yearning
Now to define & shield the sirens flickering
How much do I pretend I had no warning
I have no afflictions, for my lord to see
She has no valid cares for my misery
I have NO redemption for my staggering
I walk no troubled road, but stride stumbling